Llamas behaviour within the herd

Females llamas

They generally live in group. There are different hierarchies, which can easily be distinguished. They reach their adult size when they are two years old, which is also the appropriate time for reproduction. Size changes as well as fur. The sudden invasion of an outer llama implies a whole adaptation process for the rest, which is, specifically, a decision female llamas should take.

Males llamas

They reach adulthood when they are two and a half years. Contrary to female, they are, in general, solitary. The territorial invasion of another male ends up in a series of bites, kicks and defensive attacks of all kinds that will define the leader.


The Tekes (the crias), are born, in general, during the day and, in contrast with the rest of the species, they are not licked by their mother but they dry under the sunlight. After the first few hours, tekes are strong enough to stand and suckle on their own. They are immediately integrated in the group and automatically accepted by the rest of the female llamas. For male llamas, tekes represent a problem because they get all their mother’s attention. Although it is not the male’s intention to hurt tekes, sometimes they get hurt as a result of the bad response of adults.

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